Subject: "Enviro...oh, you're a quarian!" Chris clapped his hands in recognition.
Posted on: 2017-02-18 04:06:23 UTC

"I've actually heard about you guys! Granted, that was only because the random button on TV Tropes led me to the page for Mass Effect 3...uh, anyway. I'm from the Pokémon series," he said. "If you haven't heard of it, the gist is that practically everyone lives, works, and even fights with the titular Pokémon--short for 'Pocket Monsters', but no one ever calls them that." He took out Mareep's Ball and gently tossed it to his right. "Go, Mareep!"

The sheep Pokémon looked around uncertainly and hid under the table. Chris scratched the back of his neck. "Oops. Forgot Mareep can be skittish in new places. Anyway, if it won't short out your suit, feel free to pat him. Mareep wool is really soft, but it stores static electricity."

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