Subject: 'Bye!' Lou said, waving to the woman she was largely unaware of, until that point.
Posted on: 2017-02-21 20:41:50 UTC

Then she turned to the fellow, Jon, who knew a few things. He had a voice like a gravestone being dragged over gravel. This did not concern Lou in the slightest. 'Oh, gosh, great! See, I need to find Naririgwandor-' she showed him her card. 'But I can't find him and the card can't find him and Duane can't find him. Duane thinks he's not here, and that my plan is dumb, but that just makes me want to find him more.'

'So do you know where he is?' She said, smiling hopefully. Duane, were he not an igneous, volcanic rock of felsic composition known as 'rhyolite' by scientists and 'Duane' by crazy people, would have been squirming to remove himself from Lou's grip. He seemed somewhat worried about something.

((You'd make a good burglar, Aleeb. That line probably wouldn't sell for much, on account of having no physical presence at all, but it is bloody good!))

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