Subject: Bingle nodded.
Posted on: 2017-02-19 02:21:26 UTC

'Oh, I don't doubt that, Miss Nalleb! There are continua where they have female knights, of course.' He blinked, as he realised that he wasn't actually aware of any specific ones. 'Well, I'm quite certain, anyhow. There must be at least one. Or two, maybe three. A spin-off of one.' He suddenly paused, like somebody had tapped him on the shoulder. He slipped a hand into his pocket, bringing his card out, looking at it. He brought it down and looked at Alleb.

'I believe we must move on to our next partners, assuming my card isn't glitching terribly.' He went to his feet, made a faint little bow that was concerned only halfway with politeness, the other half concerned with not stressing the spine too much and snapping it in half. 'It has been a pleasure, Miss Nalleb! I do wish you luck, and hope you encounter someone more suited to you, in terms of tastes, age, and general state of mortality.' He extended a hand and smiled.

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