Subject: Lou had no idea where this 'Nrargoendir' was.
Posted on: 2017-02-21 05:10:54 UTC

She walked here, she walked there, she walked up, she walked down. Duane never actually said that he didn't know where he was, but Lou was deeply aware that he didn't. He tended to get quiet and sweary, when he didn't know things and didn't want Lou to know that he didn't know those things.

'Gosh, Duane. Since you don't know where Narrary-Gondy is-' she paused, grinning at Duane, waiting for him to stop swearing quietly. 'I'll have to ask someone. Who knows things, Duane.' So she stepped along, a skip in her step and a smile on her face. Her plan went as follows:

Step 1: stop when I find someone who looks like they know things.

Step 2: ask them about those things they know (like 'Where's Nareygwondlir?')

Step 3: have a great date with Nphfaregondir and get married and have babies (not right now, maybe a bit later)

The plan was unstoppable, as far as Lou saw it. No matter what butt-things Duane said with his butt-mouth.

She stopped almost instantly, quivering in the air like an arrow that's just hit a target. She looked to her side. There was a man with sunglasses, sitting at a table, some woman opposite to him. A brief wave of something cold and clammy and dark that might have been terror swept through her and disappeared when it hit the other side. He looked like the type of person who knew things. Duane wanted her to walk away and find someone else, for some reason.

'Hello!' she said to the man who looked like he knew things. 'Hi, I'm Lou. I was wondering if you knew things?'

Duane really wanted her to walk away and find someone else. That was a bit odd, Lou thought.

((Oh, also, Aegis gave the thumbs-up in DM. So we can go right ahead!))

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