Subject: Finch's ocular steadily twisted as he thought.
Posted on: 2017-02-23 23:19:39 UTC

'No. But I-m bloody sure I-ve hallucinated something like that before, one-ve the times my audiovisuals broke. He looked up at her, tilting the ocular. 'Hang on, are you in Bad Slash? I would-ve figured you-d be a little more insane, from all the things I keep hearing.' He did give a brief consideration to the possibility that maybe she really was insane, and that her own biological audiovisuals, maybe plus a few more things, had broken. She hadn't tried killing him with a flamethrower yet, however, and as far as Finch was concerned, that was all that mattered. She could go around being as insane as she wanted to, so long as she kept that nozzle firmly in the opposite direction of him.

((What's the different, ridiculous thing you're doing? The, whatsit, lots of internal monologuing, or some such?

Also, have they actually, genuinely met? I can only remember that one non-canon RP that we all agreed to not remember. You know. The one where Finch became Abraham Lincoln. That one.))

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