Subject: 'Gosh, not nearly that interesting,' Lou said.
Posted on: 2017-02-26 07:38:07 UTC

The smile nearly boiled with confidence. Lou felt herself unfolding beneath it. She smiled right back. Was it warm in here?

'I grab the Sues a lot, too. Duane doesn't really grab anything, except the charges, and those are non-physical.' She scratched her chin. 'I guess he does the "snark" part, too. I'm not good at that. But we do a lot of things, and sometimes there isn't even a Sue to grab. But it's usually me grabbing, anyway.'

((When do you think, actually, we should end this? Not that I'm saying we should end it now, 'course, 'specially not if you got more to do. But we're both at ten posts, I believe.))

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