Subject: "Plothole, as usual," Apecian replied.
Posted on: 2017-02-24 08:59:23 UTC

"After I was made in the badfic I'm from, I wandered around the world, doing my own thing, until I ended up in Amestris, and I found a couple things that pointed me in the direction of Central at the Promised Day. I saw part of the big showdown between Van Hohenheim and Father, and because of the whole living-ish souls thing, I ended up here, 'cause my maker said that I didn't have those, just formless energy." Apecian sighed. "It's stupid, I know. Only thing I can say is that he was an idiot and I was supposed to be there so he could kill me after he failed to right after he made me. So, how 'bout you?" he asked, eager to both find out more about Miguel and draw attention away from his backstory. Why couldn't he have come from a goodfic?

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