Subject: It's very easy to tell whether or not a Glimpse is uncomfortable.
Posted on: 2017-02-14 20:05:39 UTC

Agent Alleb was certainly uncomfortable. If she wasn't touching her hair--as if it were in some special configuration and not falling to her shoulders like normal--she was fidgeting with her dress, or wringing her hands, or biting her lip. However, even if she had been still as a statue, it would have been easy to see that she was uncomfortable, because her paper-white face was nearly covered in an embarrassed flush.

"Really, Sir Jesse," she said, tugging at the shoulder of her gown as they walked, "are you sure this is... fashionable?"

"Yep!" Jesse answered. He practically skipped through the Generic Halls, looking dapper in a black three-piece suit and starched white undershirt. She found the cut of his jacket odd; its front edge ended at his waist while the back went nearly to his knees in two long tails. He'd tamed his mop of golden hair and hidden it beneath a brimmed cylindrical hat--a "top hat" he'd called it--and had even shaved. He grinned at her, eyes twinkling. Alleb managed to smile back, though she was still tugging at her gown.

Well, Alleb thought, biting her lip and peering down the corridor, that's rather easy for him to say. He does not look ridiculous. She looked down at her own clothing, and felt the knots in her stomach tighten. The color was alright--a deep blue--but some madman had designed the shoulders to not be on her shoulders. She kept trying to tug them up; she was sure the whole thing would fall at any moment. Not to mention the fact that the cut revealed two stab wounds and the edge of a long cut on her shoulder, all long healed, but red and ugly nonetheless. And, as if that weren't bad enough, she had a train dragging along behind her, rustling over the Generic Floor and making a nuisance of itself.

Alleb sighed. At least she'd resisted the shopkeeper's attempt to stuff her into one of those "corset" things. She wouldn't have breathed for fear of breaking the laces.

"Hey, I think this is it," Jesse said, stopping in front of a wooden door. His grin returned. He opened the door and swept his top hat off in a bow, ushering her in. "After you, Lady Alleb," he said, his grin never faltering.

Alleb raised an eyebrow and bowed in return. "My thanks," she said, "Sir Jesse." She took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and marched into the dimly-lit room. It was going to be an interesting night.

Michael Green was tired of a lot of things. He was tired of missions, he was tired of Sues twisting the canon, he was tired of the unrelenting grey of the Generic Hallways. More than anything, though, he was tired of his partner.

They both stopped outside of the mahogany door. Michael was in a slightly-rumpled suit, and had traded in his white ceramic coffee mug for a sleek black travel cup. Mia was in her customary leather jacket, black tank top, and black ripped jeans, her ever-present black sunglasses... present. Michael suppressed a sigh (he had a lot of experience doing that). She might have been original in her method of expressing rage at life in general. She might have opted for an orange jumper, indicating her lack of respect for society's rules of fashion. She might have chosen a red hat, symbolizing her anger for the world. She might have worn a pair of green pants, showing off her disgust for everyone.

But, no, she'd chosen black, as if it hadn't been done a thousand times before. Michael suppressed another sigh. This was going to be interesting.

"Why're we here, Greenie?" Mia growled. Well, she tried to growl. Her voice was too high and feminine for growling, but he had to give it to her, she really did try. "Wouldn't counting loose threads in your suit be a better waste of time for both of us?"

Probably, he thought. "We're here so one or both of us can get married and move into another RC," he reminded her. "Then you won't have to deal with me, and I won't have to deal with you." He took a sip of coffee, blinking tiredly at the mahogany door. Why weren't they going in? "Oh," he said, reaching for the handle. Mia scoffed as he opened it, brushing past him into a darkened room. Michael took another fortifying gulp before following her. He hoped she was wrong about this being a waste of time; he really wanted a different RC.

A girlfriend would be nice too, he supposed.

((Alleb and Jesse are in standard 1870s formal wear, as Jesse is from that time period and Alleb unwisely let him shop for her. I couldn't resist stuffing Alleb into the stuff; she's a muscle-bound warrior woman in a sleeveless, shoulder-less dress, from a time period that loved slim waists and the like. Poor girl. I thought about giving her a corset, but she's built like a slightly-feminine bull, so I didn't think that would go well.

Here are links for Alleb, Jesse, Michael, and Mia's wiki pages, in case anyone wants visual reference.

Thanks for putting this soiree on Aegis Mysterious Host!


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