Subject: Finch visibly relaxed at 'isn't dangerous.'
Posted on: 2017-02-19 05:15:27 UTC

He hovered a touch lower, a touch gentler. His engines thrummed slightly quieter. The heated air spewing from his ventilation shafts spewed out more a bit more politely. It all still had enough power, of course, to enable Finch to shoot off into the distance at a speed that would make missiles jealous if he needed to, but it was the thought that counted. 'Oh, brilliant! This date-s off to a bloody fabulous start, then, I-d say.'

He hardly even noticed the 'inappropriate' part. It was washed off and away by his happiness at that sudden turn of events - the fact that his existence had been guaranteed an extension of at least a minute, or two. 'Who-re you, then?'

((So, where's Thorn from, might I ask? If that wouldn't bugger up the flow of the RP or anything like that or some such, of course. I'm also somewhat curious as to how you could be inappropriate towards a vending machine.

Er. Not that I'd need to make use of that knowledge or anything like that.))

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