Subject: This was, without doubt, the finest piece of storytelling Lou had heard in her life.
Posted on: 2017-02-26 00:00:45 UTC

The tension, the sheer suspense. She wanted to know more. She needed to know more. She felt like she was truly there, salty water lapping at her neck, sea breeze running over her hair. Duane, meanwhile, was telling her how, not only was it a terrible story, it was also the last terrible story she would ever hear in her life, because this man was going to steal her soul and eat her and make her into a rug. Silently, awed eyes still on Jon, she took Duane off the table and placed him on the floor. 'Shut-up, Duane,' she murmured.

'What happened next?' she said, leaning in. 'Did you - gosh - did you drown? Did you both sink and drown horribly?!' She really hoped he hadn't. That would have been a sad (but artistic, Lou thought,) ending, indeed.

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