Subject: The Host watched as his guests made their way to their assigned tables.
Posted on: 2017-02-15 06:17:58 UTC

Or, well, some of them did. Others had a bit of difficulty finding theirs. This wouldn't do. They couldn't enjoy themselves if they spent the night wandering about aimlessly. He reached out and tapped on one of the armrests of his chair. Immediately, the cards in the Agents' hands fizzed a bit. Were they to turn them over, they would find instructions guiding them to their first partner of the night. It had been arranged as follows: Harris was to see Lou, Sonia was to see Michael Green, Jesse was to see Ami, Mia was to see Apollo, Chris was to see Kaatah, and Alleb was to see Bingle. He smiled and sipped his glass once more. This should keep things interesting.

((Note: The RP is not closed. Feel free to join if you want, and even if nobody takes you up on it, just mark your agent's entrance, and we can work you in on the next round.))

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