Subject: Jon was quite sure that if Myrddraal could blush, he'd be blushing.
Posted on: 2017-02-22 20:50:33 UTC

To him, "not very monster-ey" was an unprecedented compliment. "I'm not human," he admitted, trying to make his voice sound a little less... like his voice. "I'm a Myr--" no, what was he thinking? "Myrddraal" practically reeked of evil. "Um, a Fade." He thought he should probably try to move the topic on to something else, because if she started asking about what Fades were, he'd have to tell her he was an eyeless abomination spawned by mutated beasts for the express purpose of fighting all that was good and holy. And he had acid blood. "So, er, why can't I hear Duane?" Maybe the sentient rock only spoke very quietly, or he had some sort of mental link with Lou.

((Hehe, thanks!

Maybe Lou is the sane one, and the rest of us are just mad.


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