Subject: Being a human, Lou thought fellow's skin felt somewhat... wrong.
Posted on: 2017-02-22 20:29:58 UTC

Duane began releasing helpful strategies on escaping from a handshake while inflicting horrendous pain on the part of the opposing handshaker at the same time. Lou ignored him, and shook away. She, in fact, shook away just a tad longer than she would have, otherwise.

'Yeah, he's my partner. Sorry about him being rude,' she said, glancing at the rock. 'He's a butt who's scared of new people and is really loud with it.'

She dropped into the chair opposite to him, observing his hand. Naergondir had disappeared. The plan had disappeared. She would have been struck with a deep confusion, if you asked her about either of those things, at that particular moment. 'Hey, are you human? Your hand feels weird, and Duane keeps calling you things like "monstrosity" and "inhuman." But he's probably exaggerating.' She placed Duane on the table, by her side, with a thunk. 'At least, probably with the "monstrous" one, because you don't seem very monster-ey.'

((I like Jon, Alleb. He is bloody terrified and confused and he has no idea what to do, and it's adorable.

And, you know, you can't prove Duane's not sapient! Might be right.))

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