Subject: Lou was not a person who blushed frequently.
Posted on: 2017-02-28 23:15:57 UTC

This was not out of any sense of stoicism or hard-hardheartedness or anomalous control over her bloodstream, it was more out of the fact that she was largely blind to pretty much anything that would have made someone blush. Her most common response to such circumstance, as such, was usually a scrunching of her face, a raising of an eyebrow, a pause and a 'What?' Lou did not do any of these. She blushed.

'Oh, uh. Gosh. No, not usually. Much.' She lowered herself to the table, a tad. It was all feeling a touch dreamy. A little bit floaty. Was it warm?

She felt a fizzing from her own pocket. She looked up at Jon, frowned right back to him. She smiled, immediately afterwards. 'We can do this again! What's your RC? Mine's 333-nine. The door has the paint on it.'

((I'm preeeeetty certain I haven't given her an RC yet. Preeeeeeeeetty certain. Fairly.))

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