Subject: "Nah, not the Potterverse," Apecian said, shaking his head.
Posted on: 2017-02-18 05:39:57 UTC

"Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. See the eyes?" he asked, grinning and pointing at them. "Two things weren't related, sorry, just mentioned Potterverse because this one time, we got a whole week of nothing but. Mike practically had to drag me into missions by the end of it. Usually, though, Potterverse is good. It was... I think the third or fourth thing I read here? I actually tried reading on a mission until I lost a foot because I wasn't paying attention." He laughed a little at the memory. He'd barely even noticed when the parenthesis had cut it off until he'd felt it growing back.

((Hm. I was under the impression that it was mostly Petunia who wasn't happy she'd married James, and that was because Petunia was greener than Envy of the Giant Lizard form. Is an irritating skeptic. Also, since it's probably relevant, Apecian's eyes are red and have slit pupils. No, I didn't draw any inspiration from any of the canons. That would be silly.))

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