Subject: The grip was very firm.
Posted on: 2017-02-16 04:43:29 UTC

If Bingle's body wasn't long dead and largely non-functioning, he probably would have yelped. His nerves, however, did not work. His voice box, too, only worked when he very specifically concentrated, so something all fast and sudden and reflexive like a yelp would have sounded like a the gentle fluttering of dusty paper in a tomb, as opposed to the 'AAAAAGH!' that would have been expected. So Bingle didn't notice at all (except for the very faint sensation of something, somewhere being shifted out of place,) and continued smiling placidly.

'Pardon me, then! But you do seem terribly nervous for someone at ease, you know.' He looked at her. He looked at things around her. Not quite her, but relating to her. Trailing behind her, flowing around her.

'Good heavens,' he murmured. 'You know, I was hoping they would have partnered me with one of those immortal fellows. This is now a tad odd, isn't it?' He tilted his head as he said this.

((Somewhere within the area of three thousand years. Give or take. It gets easy to forget this or that when you reach those ages, you know.))

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