Subject: Admitted at last to the mysterious room, Kei peered about. It was mysterious.
Posted on: 2017-02-16 05:48:39 UTC

Softly lit and filled by low voices which echoed ever-so-slightly, mingling enough to render what was said entirely private and adding a steady undertone of activity and excitement to the proceedings, he was frightened out of his mind. How was he supposed to start talking to any of these -- he looked about -- people, horses, robots. . . squirrel-people? There was so much going on! He found a spot from where he could observe and catalogue the shifting shadows on the wall.

Thorn was not worried. She was sure whoever approached her to strike up a conversation would be perfectly lovely. She was eager to begin. She found a spot where it seemed polite for her to wait.

They stood next to each other in perfect silence.

Cat had no such problems. After thanking her host -- she tried to catch a glimpse of his face as he helped her to her seat, but a trick of the lighting obscured it -- she turned to the person nearest her, a cervitaur in a blouse which could only be described as stunning.

"Hello there," she said, "Please pardon me for having bumped your flank on my way in; I was exhausted after such a long walk to get here. I must have been too focused on my destination; I was so eager for the opportunity to make the acquaintance of a beautiful woman such as yourself." She shook her head wonderingly. "Who in all the multiverse might you be?"

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