Subject: Jon started and stared, open-mouthed, at Lou.
Posted on: 2017-02-21 12:37:51 UTC

"Uh..." he said, his voice like rotten leather crumbling, "Um, uh, yes? I, I know a few things." He turned his head and looked at Lirene. With his shoulders slightly hunched and his head tilted he looked like a frightened youth, not a creature of shadow.

Lirene felt her mouth try to quirk up into a grin, but she kept it impassive. Her ageless face was the picture of Aes Sedai serenity. She stood gracefully. "Oh, look," she said, peering into one of the dark corners of the room. "I'm quite certain I ought to be over there." She glanced down at her card; it showed no new directions. "Yes, quite certain. Goodbye, Jon," she said, nodding to her partner. "Goodbye, Lou," she said, also nodding to her.

She swept away from the table in a rustle of skirts, leaving her stuttering partner behind. Only when she was well into the shadows did she let herself smile.

((Thanks, Aegis!

"Rotten leather crumbling" is a canon description of a Myrddraal voice, which I've stolen shamelessly.


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