Subject: "To be honest, I'm not exactly sure," she admitted.
Posted on: 2017-02-20 18:27:00 UTC

"They told me I'm my author's 'ponysona', but since she never wrote anything solid about me I kinda fell through a crack in reality. All I remember is waking up in HQ and realizing that I couldn't remember my family." Ami looked at the floor for a moment. "Worst and weirdest day of my life. Watching season one of my show helped. ...Sometimes I wonder whether meeting my author would answer my questions about me. Then I remember it'd probably break the universe first and move on."

She hadn't meant to share that, but the words had come out anyway. "I know people fall through plotholes to get here all the time. That's how my partner Chris got here; we basically got partnered for convenience and because we actually had some common ground. I just...well, I wish I had a better backstory, you know?"

((Well, that escalated quickly.))

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