Subject: "I can't believe they had nice clothes for us on such short notice."
Posted on: 2017-02-14 19:21:59 UTC

Chris was wearing a clearly rented but still nice black suit. He didn't have a tie, but he did have a yellow violet corsage pinned to the jacket.

"I can't believe they had something for a pony," said Ami. She had a simple pastel-purple dress and a blue ribbon holding her mane out of her face. They'd offered fancy horseshoes, too, but she declined.

Miguel, meanwhile, had simply dug out the suit he'd wanted to use for a Bond costume the previous year. "It's a shame Violet didn't want to come. I really love that pheasant dress from last year."

"Yeah, me too." Ami looked around for the table with her name. "Remind me again what the signal for 'Let's go home' is?"

"One of us finding the other and saying it," Chris deadpanned. "Ami, we're not undercover agents or going into a risky neighborhood, we don't need a safeword."

"I'm ready to split up if you two are," Miguel commented.

Chris nodded. "All right. Have fun, guys!"

Miguel wandered off towards the back, and Ami headed for the left wing. For his part, Chris found his table relatively quickly.

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