Subject: 'Thank bloody God,'
Posted on: 2017-02-15 09:17:07 UTC

Finch said, ocular visibly relaxing, widening. 'This afternoon? I-ve been well bloody glad, as of late, that no-one-s gone and asked me to flip out that knobbo-wand V44 with tentacle attachments that I don-t have, for one. For two,' an actuator unflipped from his chassis with a whir. It was held out and gestured to the ceiling. 'The ceiling hasn-t fallen in and torn me into millions of little sparking pieces, starting a fire that further burns and melts my charred, wrecked body. I-m quite happy about that.' His entire body shifted slightly on its hoverplates as he explained. 'I-ve decided to take a more optimistic look at things, as of late. You?'

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