Subject: The cervitaur read her own card. "All - Alleb? I think that's right."
Posted on: 2017-02-19 13:58:42 UTC

Steele looked around to see if there was anyone who looked like an Alleb. Hmm... well, she never was any good at telling someone's name from their face before she'd learned it. After a bit more of a wait, she decided to see if her card had directions... well, would you look at that. It did! Following them led the deer-girl to a table occupied by a very strong-looking female. "Hello! Are you Alleb?"

(I learned from my mistake last time! Here's a mostly SFW description of Steele: There were some things about her that I really kind of wouldn't have felt right leaving out, but anything that I deemed NSFW had been highlighted in black. These are optional reads, mostly there as a sort of "if one studies the right spot, one can see..." thing.)

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