Subject: "Jon, do you have your sunglasses?"
Posted on: 2017-02-20 22:21:20 UTC

Jon jumped slightly at Lirene's words, even though she was walking calmly beside him and had been since they'd left their RC. "Oh--yes, Lirene Sedai." Even after being partnered with him for over a year, she had to suppress a wince at his voice. It sounded like desiccated leaves being pushed across stone by a whistling wind. Not at all the kind of voice you want to bring on a date. Jon fished in the pocket of his sunshine-yellow robes, then pulled out a pair of Ray-Bans. He stuck them on his face, then turned to look at her, cautiously hopeful.

"Much better," she said, smiling slightly. She still wanted to shudder as his eyeless face turned towards her and saw, but it was a little more manageable with the glasses. It felt very strange to be walking so calmly beside a Myrddraal, but Jon was harmless. He practically fainted at the sight of blood--even Sue blood. He nervously adjusted his lank black hair, trying to make it hang appealingly. That was impossible. Lirene briefly considered placing a Mirror of Mists on him, to make him look human, but she didn't. He'd firmly rejected the idea of using the disguise generator to alter his appearance--it was the only thing she'd ever seen him firm about--and she didn't want to slight him.

"I think this is the place, Lirene Sedai," Jon said, stopping in front of a handsome mahogany door.

A year later, and he still uses the honorific, she thought. It was sweet, if anything about a Myrddraal could be thought sweet. "I believe you are right, Jon," she said. "There are no female channelers inside that I can sense. You should be fine."

Jon tapped his fingers together, frowning at the door. He looked remarkably like a young pangolin. He started. "Oh," he said, then reached forward to open the door. His movements were fluid and snake-like, as always; so at odds with his gentle personality.

Lirene walked into the dimly-lit room, appreciating the subtlety of it. She was Cairhienen, after all. Though, she thought, glancing down at the bright green of her dress, with its yellow slashes, I do still have more of the Foregate in me than anything.

She took her invitation card from her belt pouch, but found no new directions on it yet. By the twist of his pale lips, Jon had no directions either. "Come," she said, walking to an empty table. "We will wait together."

She hoped she wouldn't be forced to bind anyone in Air to keep them from killing her partner. It was always such a hassle afterwards.

((A new agent pair joins the fray! I'm just experimenting with them. They're from The Wheel of Time, if anyone is curious. Jon is a Myrddraal, though he's had a personality added (obviously), and Lirene is an Aes Sedai. It should be noted that, despite his demeanor, Jon really is terrifying to look at. A common phrase in WoT is "The look of the eyeless is fear." It's an involuntary reaction, almost, to something clearly inhuman.

Also, Aegis: Larfen and I were wondering if it'd be okay to pair Lou up with Jon? She's has been idle for a bit and we both think she and Jon will be a lot of fun to write together.


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