Subject: "Long enough that I'm used to talking to people who seem to prove all the wildest rumors from Ravka.
Posted on: 2017-02-23 08:03:42 UTC

"Although I didn't know that people could establish a being without a story to come from --" wait. Was that what that exorcist had meant? "Actually, I think I might have met someone in the same position. The partner of a Bad Slash agent I've been working with. He's a little fluffy crab-thing, very shy -- you wouldn't happen to know him?" Not even this narrator, with unparalleled access to Thorn's thought processes, knows how she decided what gender to assume Burd was, considering the Venusian bore more resemblance to an armchair than any man or woman she had ever met, nor how it occurred to her that Finch and Burd would know each other. Perhaps she thought FicPsych held a support group for non-humanoids hailing from unbuilt universes -- or perhaps she was desperate to keep the conversation going. Perhaps she didn't quite know herself. Small talk is terrifying that way: you must swing from one delicate, tenuous, potentially offensive rung of thought to the next. Thorn could navigate the aerial swings with surefingered ease, but once in a while she gripped something she wasn't sure would hold her and had to hold her breath and pray to Ghezen she wouldn't fall into the silent abyss.

((Trying something different here; it's probably ridiculous. Isn't that what RPs are for, though? Mucking around?

--Key needs to stop staying up so late))

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