Subject: Michael sighed. This was going well already.
Posted on: 2017-02-15 23:27:57 UTC

"Yes and yes," he said, then realized that that made absolutely no sense. He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Um, I meant to say, I'm seventeen, and yes, this is my first time in the pool. The dating pool. Dating." He stopped pinching the bridge of his nose and instead let his hand cover his whole face, hiding his blush. "Oh, geez," he muttered. On the list of awkward conversations he'd had, he put this just beneath the one back in seventh grade when the principal had mistaken him for his twin sister. That had been a nightmare. "Look, can we just pretend that I didn't say anything there, and that this isn't actually speed dating, and we were forced to share a table at Rudi's or something? 'Cause you're right, the age gap is redonkulus." He paused, looking up at Sonia in shock. I just said redonkulus, he thought, mortified. He squeezed his eyes shut and let his head thunk to the table. And he goes down in flames...

((Aw, poor Michael. He has no idea what he's doing.


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