Subject: "In--into?"
Posted on: 2017-02-20 12:31:03 UTC

Alleb had no idea what to do. She wished suddenly and desperately for Bingle's company; the man was over twice her age and had a wooden nose, but he'd used the chair.

Control yourself, she thought. You are a servant of King Eliam, and this... woman obviously means you no harm. You have cowered long enough.

Taking a deep breath, she straightened her spine and raised her chin slightly. At least Steele didn't tower over her when she was sitting. "I am afraid I do not know what you mean," she clarified, in a steadier voice. "'Into'?"

((Alleb's straight; she just doesn't get modern English.

It's a pretty fun continuum! Here, I made a wiki entry for it a while back. Don't look at the actual Wikipedia article unless you want massive spoilers, though.


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