Subject: Lou rested her head on a hand and inhaled.
Posted on: 2017-02-28 10:27:10 UTC

She breathed the air in, felt it down her throat, reveled in it, appreciated it thoroughly. 'He's angry,' she said. 'He's enraged,' she added. 'He's horrified,' she concluded.

She sighed, joyful. 'He thinks you're going to steal our souls and eat us and make rugs from our skins. He's going mad, now I've told you this.' She sighed, again. 'He thinks you're going to enter a state of beserk-rage and tear the entire room and everyone in it apart.'

She drew her eyes off Jon, and glanced around the room. There was a very conspicuous lack of 'everyone' around to get torn apart. The night hadn't ended, but it was on its last legs. The final few people shuffled and moved about like the last few leaves in a gust of wind. 'There's not many people for you to tear apart, though,' she said. And then she sunk lower on her hand, and sighed again, smiling. 'Gosh. It's late. I think.'

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