Subject: Harris fidgeted with his tie.
Posted on: 2017-02-15 02:16:54 UTC

He had done his best to clean up— three showers and a full bottle of shampoo and body wash still hadn't been enough to remove all of the smell of dragon drool from his person— and he was seriously starting to wonder if anyone was going to come to his table. He had found his place and sat down all right, but aside from that nothing seemed to be happening.


He sighed and scanned the menu for the umpteenth time before rolling his eyes and tossing the card back onto his plate. Boring, boring bo– wait. Was that Sonia?

He craned his head to get a better view. It was her! And she was wearing that beautiful long red dress and her silky, wavy brown hair was down and cascading over her shoulders and...

Harris caught himself staring and tore his eyes off of her. He kept on forgetting that he had no chance with her— best to stay in his metaphorical lane. He picked up his menu again and scanned it again.

Sonia rose an eyebrow as she watched Harris bury his face back into the menu again. She had been quite surprised to see him here— the Pegasus Knight was convinced that he had been planning to stay in the RC for tonight and binge-watch RWBY. She felt the urge to go over to his table and talk to him— he was always a surprisingly good conversationalist and quite funny— but remained seated at her table. Harris did as Harris does—sure, she was placed with him to make sure he didn't get into too much trouble, but she didn't need to shadow him at all times.

Even if he was charming and actually quite handsome and...

Sonia caught herself staring and tore his eyes off him. One of his best qualities was how forward he was— and she was convinced that if he had any feelings for her, he'd have said something by now. She picked up her menu and listlessly read through it.

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