Subject: "It's, ah, er..."
Posted on: 2017-02-15 18:13:48 UTC

Jesse realized that he wasn't sure what he wanted to say. It's fine that you're a unicorn? It's definitely not fine that you're a unicorn?

"It's Jesse," he said, surprising himself with a voice that was not a panicked yell. "Jesse McKree."

He had absolutely no idea what he should say next. The only thing that was coming to his mind was that Alleb owned a unicorn, one that definitely couldn't speak, and that Jesse had fed said unicorn apples and scratched behind its ears.

For obvious reasons, he couldn't say any of those things.

"So, uh, whereabouts are you from?" he asked. He wondered exactly how long he could sit here without breaking into hysterical laughter. He hoped Alleb wasn't having such difficulties.

((Jesse would hit on the Notary herself if the opportunity arose, but the poor man has absolutely no idea what to do in this situation. I'm enjoying this immensely.


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