Subject: C collected her accent. Finally.
Posted on: 2017-02-25 13:18:28 UTC

"Geography-wise, I'm from Georgia - sorry for the accent slip a moment ago, by the way, I usually try not to run all my words together like that. But the three of us... well, okay, Dad wasn't as bad as my brother and I were, but we spoke like that around the house. It sounded nice to us."

"Continuum-wise, which is what I think you were really asking about, I'm from something called The Gamer. It's a nice little webcomic, updates frequently, nice story. Especially if you're a gamer yourself." C realized that she was blathering too much. What cosmic entity had rolled that Diplomacy check? Or was it Oratory? Which rules were being played by, even? Ugh... why must the rules be so confusing...

"Um. Anyways, uh, where're you from?"

(Sorry about that. The infodump. In the first post, I heard her talking the way Lore and I do when we feel comfortable doing so - which is to say, we basically lose most of our enunciation skills. Something like this: "Hmm? O aye. I'm Culliapee. Bu' mos' people call me C, 's easier t' remember." Yes, we actually do that, except maybe with less spaces. She sounds... more like she's from Michigan here. So it's a bit more clean, if that makes sense.)

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