Subject: "Er, well, let me think..."
Posted on: 2017-02-25 20:28:04 UTC

Jon thought he must have had at least one heroic moment in all of his missions. Lirene Sedai couldn't have had all of them... could she? Jon thought about his partner for a moment and realized that yes, yes she could.

So stories of Jon saving the day were in short supply. What else did he have? "Oh," he said, alighting on a particular mission. It didn't exactly leave him looking like a hero, but it didn't make his partner look like one either. It'd have to do. "Once, while Lirene Sedai and I were on a mission in Narnia, the Sue managed to knock both of us into the ocean," he said. He chuckled, remembering the sheer outrage on Lirene Sedai's face after the pink-haired Suvian had shoved her off the side of the Dawn Treader. That was a good story, wasn't it? Jon suddenly realized that he didn't have any practice telling stories. Were they supposed to be longer? He watched Lou's face for her response.

((Jon has no idea what he's doing.


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