Subject: It took Alleb a while to find her table.
Posted on: 2017-02-15 13:08:11 UTC

Mostly because she kept bumping into and scurrying around other people who were also trying to find their tables. When she at last collapsed into her proper seat, face still flushed, gown still struggling to contain her, she found herself facing a very tall, very thin, and rather old man. And was that... was his nose wooden?

No matter. Lady Alleb, swordmaiden of the Realm, servant of King Eliam, had faced many challenges before. She could face this with ease. She squared her shoulders, putting on a smile like it was armor. "Hello," she said. "My ame is Nalleb, and I--oh, uh, er, I mean, my name--my name is Alleb." Her voice cracked on the last word, as if she were an uncertain squire of fourteen summers. She winced.

This challenge might be more difficult than she had thought.

(("My ame is Nalleb" is an almost direct quote from the main character of Alleb's home continuum, because I couldn't resist.


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