Subject: C's head snapped up. "Hmm? Oh, aye."
Posted on: 2017-02-21 23:32:06 UTC

Her eyes flicked over her match. Not too bad, in her opinion... it would be too obvious to roll a Perception check, so she had to go off of her Passive Perception. Which was notoriously poor. But he seemed okay. "I'm Calliope. But most people call me C - easier to remember. Nice to meet you, Miguel."

(Sorry for the poor descriptions. She's an average-sized person, maybe a little tall - about five-six without shoes. Really dark brown hair, goes a bit past her shoulders. Pretty pale skin, but not as pale as, say, Alleb. Her eyes change colors sometimes, but right now they're green. Her top is dark brown, her skirt a slightly lighter brown (thanks, Sims 3, for dressing my Agent in your stupid unmatchable colours). Let me know if you need more info; I'm still sort of putting her together. I'd like a short description of Miguel, as well, if it wouldn't be too much trouble; just a little thing like this one would be fine.)

(Oh, wait. C's a nail-biter, so her nails are uneven and some of them are clearly ragged. This felt important.)

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