Subject: 'Burn it?' Lou asked, tilting her head.
Posted on: 2017-02-22 05:33:21 UTC

She caught on almost instantly, and covered her mouth. 'Oh! Oh, gosh, sorry - gosh, it just - oops!' She stood back, waiting for Duane to have a go at her. He didn't. In fact, he told her that she should move away from this humanoid abomination and hide under some sort of furniture for a week or so. Something Lou didn't recognise ran down her spine. It came to the end and leapt right off, and Lou didn't give it a single thought.

'Wow. Gosh. Duane is really stressed by you, you know.' She held the rock to her ear for a moment. 'He thinks you're a terrible, horrifying beast that terrifies him on a deep, primal, and unnatural level.' She appeared to think of this. Thoughts dashed through her mind. Her face was blank.

And then a grin ran right over her face. 'That's really nice of you! Thanks!' she extended a hand.

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