Subject: She thinks I'm nice, Jon thought, elated.
Posted on: 2017-02-23 20:53:00 UTC

"That was Lirene Sedai," Jon said. "My partner, yes, and we're both agents in the DMS. What Department do you and Duane work in?" He hoped that Duane--if he was sentient--wouldn't keep insulting him or urging Lou to leave. She didn't seem very inclined to listen, but Jon wasn't sure he could look at his eyeless face in the mirror if he were defeated by a maybe-sentient rock.

((I've actually started saying "Light!" as an exclamation when there's either no one around or no one who will judge me. It's so much more fun.

Hehe, I'm glad; that's what I'm going for. Actualy Myrddraal really are horrific, so I'm having fun making him the least horrific thing I can.


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