Subject: Jon looked at the hand, awed.
Posted on: 2017-02-22 15:30:13 UTC

Lirene Sedai had been his partner for a year, and was always kind to him, but she never touched him, not even when he was in disguise. He knew that was specific to him; she was the type to put a friendly hand on someone's shoulder or pat them on the back. Jon couldn't ever remember having someone hold out a hand for him to shake.

Slowly, so she could pull away if she had second thoughts, the Myrddraal took her hand and gave it a very gentle shake, grasping it delicately. He hoped his hand wouldn't frighten her; his skin felt normal to him, but to a human, it probably felt... wrong.

What Lou had been saying suddenly registered. "Duane?" he asked, tilting his head. He focused on the rock in her hand. "Is that... um, pardon, is he your partner?" Were there such things as sentient rocks? He supposed there might be. Lou didn't seem frightened of him at all, but Duane was, so he supposed the sentient rock was the sane partner. He wondered suddenly if he was taking advantage of Lou somehow, if she were insane. If she were sane, she never would have approached him. Was it wrong of him to try to talk to her more, if a saner her would have run away by now? Jon wasn't used to moral dilemmas like this. He wished Lirene were there to tell him what to do, but she had disappeared from her corner and was nowhere to be seen. He bit the inside of his cheek and hoped he wasn't doing something wrong.

((Most people's response to Lou: She's talking to a rock like it's a person. She's insane. Jon's response: She's talking to the rock, so it must be a person!


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