Subject: "That was reprehensible of him," Cat replied.
Posted on: 2017-02-20 09:52:55 UTC

What an astute observation, she reprimanded herself. This was not the place for an impeccably-reasoned editorial on ethical obligations. She couldn't fathom what else she was supposed to say, however. All that reading of human books should have equipped her. Lu's situation was just like -- perhaps it did not make sense to descend into fandom mode, either.

"One good thing I can say for the Federation," she found herself saying, "is that they've clamped down on people who play with genetic engineering but won't shoulder the responsibility for having created a person. Your father sounds as if he had a similar mindset to one of those 20th century eugenicists." Her brain finally caught up with her mouth.

"So, you didn't grow up in your home continuum? What was that like? Did you arrive at the PPC after the backstory part of your life was finished, or. . . I don't know much about metafictional realms."

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