Subject: Rebuffed, Cat scanned the room until it occurred to her to check the card in front of her. "Lu."
Posted on: 2017-02-18 06:57:20 UTC

Kei noticed his name written on a card propped up on a table on the other side of the room from where he stood, as clearly as if a spotlight had been shone upon it.

"Thorn, I think I found my spot. I'm, um, going to go now." He pointed a couple times, then waved. She smiled and waved back as he scurried off, cape billowing. She had to admit, it matched his pink hair oddly well.

Her youngest daughter would have loved his outfit. Beulah had been fascinated by the Kerch-style theater troupe that had visited their town in Novya Zem the month before Thorn had had to leave her family and had spent the next weeks scrounging for fabric and paint to recreate the costumes. Although, perhaps Kei's shiny, angular codpiece would have been too much even for the, what was it called, the Komedie Brute.

She was herself feeling drawn towards one of the tables, where she could see a boxy sort of person wrapping up a conversation. It didn't even occur to her to smooth out her yellow floral-print gown before striding over. It would cling; there was nothing to be done about that. She needed to have all her wits about her: she was about to have a conversation with a complete stranger.

((Because I can't just describe their outfits and bearings like a normal person :P

--Key lives for flashbacks))

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