Subject: 'S86FNC-11630,' he said, hefty and steady.
Posted on: 2017-02-19 10:08:45 UTC

'But call me 'Finch,' everyone thinks it-s less of a pain.' Finch didn't really see the problem, himself. He thought it had a nice way of hopping out the speakers.

Finch ran 'Grishaverse' through the archives. He came up with one result, and that was from when his sentence formation algorithms mixed up and he spent five hours babbling straight, until the technicians finally figured out what the issue was. He babbled a little bit afterwards, but that was out of regular anger that it took them five hours to find the "self-fix" program. 'I-ve not heard of it, so I suppose you-re right. It-s better, anyhow, not coming from something with much of a fandom. Makes it easier to distance yourself from all the bloody weird nonsense.' He began to turn the opposite direction, but stayed enough to face her. 'You want a table, or something? I-m fine without one but, then, I don-t have any arses to put on any chairs or legs to feel tired.'

((If you want to blame anyone for my jumping to that assumption, blame the Good Mod Addict. And Aegis. They'd suck the innocence out of a teddy bear orphanage. They'd find gutters to stick their heads into on a hot air balloon. They've come up with four innuendos within this message alone, by now, I don't doubt. Ahem. Pardon me!

Also, that series honestly does sound really bloody interesting. Is the world actually as interesting as the brief snippets of Wiki I've looked at suggest? I'll look into it, anyhow, maybe despair a touch as my reading list grows ever larger!

And, you know what, I will admit: Finch would make for a really spooky horse.))

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