Subject: Jon barely managed not to wince.
Posted on: 2017-02-23 12:56:45 UTC

Another hard question. He definitely couldn't tell her he was from the Blight, because that would then lead to him having to describe what the Blight was. He also didn't really want to tell her the name of the continuum he was from, because then she could look it up, and then she would realize what he was and be terrified of him. "Oh, um, a bit north of Kandor," he said, his voice sounding like gravel being ground between two slabs of stone. "What about you? You look like you could be Domani," he said, smiling. Then he froze. Jon, you Light-forsaken fool, he thought. She might not think of that as a compliment! "Er, I mean, you look like you might have family from Arad Doman," he clarified. Sheep swallow and bloody buttered onions! he thought, and was slightly shocked by his own foulness.

((The Domani are universally acknowledged as a beautiful people, but their women wear incredibly scandalous dresses, hence Jon's backpedaling.

"Sheep swallow and bloody buttered onions!" is billed as "impressively foul language." I love The Wheel of Time.


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