Subject: Just outside the doorway, Kei made an exaggerated coughing sound.
Posted on: 2017-02-16 02:16:22 UTC

"I wonder what the inside of this room could possibly look like," he added in an unnecessarily loud tone of voice. Thorn was horrified at his rudeness, but she was the shy variant of Socially Inept Nerd, while her partner, she thought, was of the strain that didn't know when to shut up. She clenched her jaw and turned away by a couple of degrees. Perhaps her Afro had grown large enough to bop him in the face, allowing a natural change in topic.

Nope, a couple more centimeters to go. She took advantage of her new position to avoid making eye contact with either Kei or the agents waiting (very respectfully, she thought) in the doorway.

"Maybe there's a good reason they're not letting us in," Kei mused, "There could be a fire! Perhaps we should thank them for being thoughtful enough to," he hitched his volume up a notch, "barricade the door."

The agents didn't react, engrossed in their own conversation, which relieved Thorn and frustrated Kei, who proceeded to fling himself against the wall of the corridor -- and slip down his silk cape, landing him on his butt in a less theatrical pose than he had hoped for. Thorn turned at the noise, and they held eye contact for a dumb moment before folding in half with laughter.

"That's what you get for wearing such a ridiculous outfit!" Thorn hooted softly. Kei could only nod, breathless. "You better take off that ridiculous mask, too, before you poke someone's eye out!"

"Nonsense!" he gasped, mock offended. He patted the beak of his red-sequined mask. "Roxie's my good-luck charm!"

"I don't know." She gave him a skeptical look. "It's hard to figure out if you're attracted to someone if you can't tell what they look like."

Collected, he hopped to his feet and dusted himself off. "My suave masculine charms will shine through any disguise."

Thorn smiled, then whispered, "You're right, though. When are we going to get in? I'm more than ready to find my second husband."

"I identify with the sentiment if not the specifics," Kei returned.

Down the hall, Cat was walking at the fastest clip she could manage towards the door, rubbing her arms to keep warm. The curve-hugging little black dress had seemed sexy and fun in the comfort of her RC, but she'd forgotten that the corridors of HQ were clearly temperature-adjusted for Humans. Or perhaps for snowmen, she thought. Oh well, she wasn't about to turn around and be even later for meeting the single ladies of the PPC -- owwww, her hip. What was she doing again?

Oh, a door. . . right, single ladies! Hurrah! Ouch.

((I'm having fun already! Okay, Kei has no preference with regard to gender or species and is a recent high school graduate. Thorn is lesbian but doesn't know it, so send her women to freak her out; she's middle-aged. Cat is a grandmotherly lesbian who has probably wrecked her hip by walking this far even with her cane; get her a table near the door, please?

--Cat and Thorn, Kei, Burd (not present).))

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