Subject: Finch chuckled, at that.
Posted on: 2017-02-20 22:08:18 UTC

It was a hissing, static-sounding thing, and it was gone in a second. But it had been there. 'Can-t argue with that, I-ve never had comfy shoes, myself, either.'

He straightened himself out, turned back to face her. 'Don-t have a fandom, don-t have a continuum. Nonexistent bloody character from a nonexistent bloody story, that-s what I am. He looked a bit off to the side. 'I was probably a joke character in it, anyway. Good bloody riddance.'

He turned his ocular back up, facing her. 'You-ve been here for a while, haven-t you?' People tended to be a bit more surprised than she was being when they were exposed to Finch. Unless they were like Bingle, who had been around for so long that nothing in existence struck them as odd, anymore. The possibility that maybe she was new, and was just a very nice person in general swooped and flew past Finch's head, which would have probably had a hard time of accepting it, anyway.

((looks upon wiki no more

I'll see if I can find it. Certainly seems worth reading! It'd be nice to fall in love with it, anyhow. That's always nice. ))

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