Subject: "Wait! I'm here I'm here I'm here! Sorry! Ack!"
Posted on: 2017-02-15 19:00:01 UTC

Shamrock Alsike came running through the door, tripping over her floor-length emerald green evening gown. A large, bushy squirrel tail poked out of the back of her skirt, and her hair had been done up in elegant braids that fell to her waist. She righted herself and looked around, skin darkening with a blush when she realized most of the tables' occupants were already, well, occupied.

"Shamrock, relax," Randa said, coming in behind her. She pushed her glasses up her nose and looked around, smoothing down her knee-length, sky blue skirt. "I guess we'll take a table and wait for the host to tell us to switch."

"Aw man!" Shamrock wrinkled her nose. "I gotta date you?"

"I feel your pain," Randa said dryly, and sat down at the nearest empty table.

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