Subject: "Truthfully, you are."
Posted on: 2017-02-20 14:37:34 UTC

Alleb held up a finger. "But that is a fault in me, not in you. The PPC is a strange place to me, filled with many things I do not understand, but that does not give me leave to be unkind. When humans first arrive in my country, they are often frightened and suspicious of Glimpses, simply because we look strange to them." She gestured to her ghostly skin. "They soon learn, however, that we are the same within." She held a hand out towards Steele. "Please, forgive my weakness. May we begin again?"

Suddenly, her cheeks blazed a bright, tomato red. "And, um... Men. When I am married," she muttered, and was unable to look Steele in the face.

((It's certainly religious in nature. I like it for that reason; it's an interesting take, you know? Like, if I were in that universe, I'd be over here, living a normal life, but my twin would be a knight, which is such a cool idea. Ahem. I'll stop fangirling now. If you do end up getting them, though, I heartily recommend the audiobooks; they're read by the author, and he does a really good job.

No, no, you're fine; it's definitely important info, which I need to write the roleplay well. No need to apologize!


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