Subject: Sonia sat down and laced her fingers together.
Posted on: 2017-02-15 21:54:17 UTC

The boy was on edge-- the tension in his handshake betrayed his nervousness. She didn't blame him, though: Michael looked as if he had never so much dipped his toes in the dating pool before.

"I'm in Intelligence," she said. "Assigned to watch over the incoming badfic... and this guy over there." She waved her hand at Harris, who looked as if he was literally trapped between a rock and a madwoman. A part of her wanted to stand up and rescue him from his torment, but she couldn't just leave Michael as-is.

"Okay, honest question and expecting an honest answer," she said to him. "How old are you, and is this your first time putting yourself out there? Because, uh... you look pretty young to be chatting up a 21-year-old. No offence."

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