Subject: Boring!
Posted on: 2017-02-25 08:00:06 UTC

Boring was a relative thing, Lou knew. There were people out there who hunted boars and who fought fires and who got shot in wars who weren't excited at all. There were people out there who stopped leaping off cliffs for fun, because they had ultimately decided that leaping off cliffs wasn't fun and that they simply didn't feel the rush, anymore. Jon was in the DMS - and he found it boring. Boring! Lou was astounded. She widened her eyes, just a touch. Her heart was beating a lot more conspicuously than it usually did. She was feeling quite warm. Gosh, she thought.

'It's boring,' boring she thought, still astounded, 'too. It has lots of variety, though, so the boringness stays fresh. Gosh.' She glanced at the table. She glanced at Duane. She ignored everything he said.

'I don't think you'd have boring stories. Are you sure they're boring? They might not be.' She was feeling quite warm.

((I love this bloody weird situation they've both ended up in, where neither of them have any idea what's going on, yet are very certain they know exactly what's going on.))

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