Subject: "My name's Thorn," she said.
Posted on: 2017-02-19 07:20:38 UTC

She was careful to keep her palms clearly in front of her and kept her tone gentle. She imagined that she was dealing with a spooky horse, albeit one more articulate than she had ever come across back home. "Actually, it wasn't Thorn originally, but Standard Translation took effect while I was filling out forms and, well, everyone calls me Thorn now. I hear that names don't usually translate, but I suspect the translators don't deal with Zemeni very often -- the Grishaverse fandom is pretty small, I hear -- so it's probably full of bugs. So if I say something ridiculous, blame DoSAT!" She laughed a little. "And who are you?"

((The Grishaverse is written by Leigh Bardugo and consists of the Shadow and Bone series (YA trash, better than Twilight but that's about all I can say) and the Six of Crows duology (YA at its best, better than waffles, the current love of my life, I borrowed them from my friend a month ago and refuse to give them back. It's this great tightly-plotted adventure story that's also about dealing with trauma and addiction, and has complex psychology and good writing -- really good writing. I don't want to oversell it because then you'll be disappointed if you read it, but. . . it's important to me). The universe is the best thing for making OCs in: it's many-faceted and interesting, but not fully developed, so there's lots of room for a fanwriter to fill in the gaps!

And by "inappropriate" Thorn only meant not appropriate to the situation! Like how Bingle behaved inappropriately by launching into an intense discussion of weird universe-bending math stuff and folded a table, not like how those people who asked about a "knobbo-wand V44 with tentacle attachments" behaved inappropriately. And there's lots of ways to do the former (and clearly you can think of at least one way to do the latter).


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