Subject: There are very few jokes that start "An Alien and a Superhero walked into a room..."
Posted on: 2017-02-15 00:35:56 UTC

And Apollo really hoped that this event wouldn't become a basis for, or an actual, one. Still it was an opportunity to get out of the RC and try and get to know others who he could become friends, or even more with. He hadn't really had much of a chance to do that back in his home continuum, mostly because of his real occupation and the savviness that most of the inhabitants of the continuum had, he'd known several people who'd lost loved ones due to other people's schemes.

Still, it was a new chance, and so Apollo had decided to dress as well as he could, or at least as well as he could without alerting the attention of Kelly, who would otherwise tease him for going for a long time. And so he was dressed in some semi-formal black chinos and a simple black t-shirt, his normal boots being the only pair of shoes he owned, even if they did make him look more casual than smart.

Beside him, Kaatah shifted nervously as the two walked towards the room where this event was meant to take place, Kaatah had expressed interest in it to Apollo when they'd met up to talk at Rudi's one day in the last week, the inhabitants of RC 9.81 and 1692 often met up as Kaatah had worked with Apollo and Kelly before she'd been assigned to Theo and DOGA. Now that the day of the event had come, Kaatah was nervous, even beneath her normal Colussus suit of armour that she always wore (although Apollo could tell that it'd been cleaned up somewhat), and Apollo could tell.

"Don't worry, you'll be fine, we already went through what speed dating is, right?" He said, hoping it'd calm her down, at least a little bit,

"I know." Kaatah replied, her voice really on edge, "I just don't know what I'm going to do if a Geth or another AI sits down next to me, I kinda wish I hadn't asked Theo to lock all of my normal combat functions on my Omni Tool now."

"You'll be fine" Apollo reassured her. "Besides, if things get really bad, I still have a knife in my boot, and you can borrow that."

Kaatah nodded, noticing they had reached the mahogany door. "Keelah, what is you say? Break a leg?"

Apollo smiled in reply, "Something like that."

With that, he opened the door, gesturing for the Quarian to walk inside before following himself. Noticing Kaatah heading off for her table he scanned the room, looking to see if someone there interested him.

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