Subject: Jon cleared his throat, uncomfortable.
Posted on: 2017-02-28 12:50:19 UTC

He felt like Lirene Sedai had wrapped his chest in flows of Air, squeezing it tight. A frown tugged at the corner's of his pale lips. He felt... guilty. Lou was just sitting there, smiling, talking about the things a normal Myrddraal would do (well, it would probably kill everything in the room if it could; Jon wasn't sure about eating souls and making rugs out of human skin. He'd never done that, anyway) while Jon sat across from her, like a snake pretending to be a harmless worm. He couldn't do this. He liked Lou, and he didn't want whatever friendship (or relationship, though he hardly dared hope for that) he had with her to be founded on lies.

"Lou," he said, his voice like stone crumbling to dust, "I--I should have told you this sooner, but--" Rolling his lips together to keep them from shaking, he reached up and took off his sunglasses, revealing his smooth, eyeless face. "S-Some people call my kind Fades, but our--our proper name is 'Myrddraal.' Lou, Duane's right about me. I mean--" he added, hastily, "not me specifically, but all other Myrddraal are evil. They'd do all the things Duane is afraid of. I, um, got lucky. A bad parody fic gave me a personality, and instead of killing me, the agents that missioned it recruited me." He looked down at his hands, toying with the tablecloth. "I, um, I'd understand if you want to--I don't know--punch me or something." That was a normal response to being lied to, wasn't it? Jon wasn't sure. In any case, he braced himself.

((dramatic reveal music plays


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