Subject: Alleb was at war with herself, and it was terrible.
Posted on: 2017-02-16 22:51:07 UTC

On the one hand, she very much wanted this man to go, and take his frightening magic with him. It was in her nature, as a warrior, to be on guard around things she did not understand. On the other hand, it was in her nature as a servant of King Eliam to comfort those who were sad, and to accompany those who were alone. This war lasted a good thirty seconds, and in the end, her suspicion was defeated.

"That is alright, Master Bingle," she said, smiling as kindly as she could. She deliberately relaxed her tense shoulders, and scooted her chair towards the table again. Not all the way, but partly. "I apologize for my rudeness; we do not have magic like that in the Realm. Please, how do you do it? The table didn't look particularly pleased to be so bent." Only, please, she added silently, no more demonstrations! The sight of the table quivering had made her queasy.


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